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Solid Community AU

Welcome to the Solid Community AU

This is an experimental server for trying out Solid Pods through various applications. The server implements the Solid protocol so you can create your own Solid Pod and identity. The key thing though is that you can create a Solid Pod for yourself on any Solid Server world wide (or on your own deployed Solid Server) and the apps will just work, irrespective of where the Solid Server lives. And for our apps we take a privacy first approach so that the app data on the Solid Server is encrypted so that you do not even need to trust the host Solid Server.

Getting Started

If you like, Sign up for an account on our experimental server to get started with your own Pod and WebID. Once you have an account you can create your own Pod on this server or else connect a pre-existing Pod from another server through your WebID. Once you have an account on the server you can login to manage it.

A Solidly Protected Flutter

Here at the ANU's Software Innovation Institute we are developing an ecosystem of Pods based apps using Flutter targeting any platform (Linux, Android, Web, Windows, MacOS, Web, and iOS) with a secure and privacy focus through a trust no one (TNO) philosophy, as much as that can be.

Users of the apps we are developing have their data encrypted within their Pods on the Solid server. We do not need to trust the server admins, or to be concerned about the server being compromised. This is supported by Flutter packages we are developing, including solidpod, solid_auth, solid_encrypt, and rdflib.

Apps to Try

Our apps are written in Flutter and are open source, and run on any platform. You can try them out in the browser here or visit their github homes. We are also publishing them on the Google Play Store. They are not all there yet, but keep an eye out for them. We are creating the future, so please bear with us as we bring it all together.

A Solid Experience

Learn more about Solid at solidproject.org.

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