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Solid Community AU

Welcome to the Solid Community AU

This is an experimental server with no guarantee of persisting your data, though we will endeavour to do so. The server implements the Solid protocol so you can create your own Solid Pod and identity.

Getting started as a user

Sign up for an account to get started with your own Pod and WebID.

To learn more about how this server can be used, have a look at the getting started tutorial and the server documentation.

Getting started as a developer

You can use any of the configurations in the config folder of the server to set up an of this server with different features. Besides the provided configurations, you can also fine-tune your own custom configuration using the configuration generator.

You can easily choose any folder on your disk to expose as the root Pod.
Use the --help switch to learn more.

A Flutter to Trust No One (TNO)

We are developing an ecosystem of apps using Flutter targeting any platform (Linux, Android, Web, Windows, MacOS, Web, and iOS) with a trust no one philosophy (as much as one can). Users of the apps we are developing have their data encrypted on the server so that we do not need to trust the server admins, let alone being concerned about the server being breached. This is supported by Flutter packages we are developing, including solid_auth, solid_encrypt, and rdflib.

Have a safe and wonderful Solid experience

Learn more about Solid at solidproject.org.

You are warmly invited to share your experiences and to report any bugs you encounter.